Sweeptech Appoints New C.O.O

Sweeptech Environmental Services’ Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Allan Key as Chief Operating Officer, effective February 2022.

Allan, joins us having spent the last 10.5 years as General Manager at Veolia and brings over 30 years of leadership experience across a wide range of resource management industries, the majority of which have been delivering services across central government, public and private sectors.

Martin Smith, CEO, said: “We welcome Allan as C.O.O. and look forward to his extensive commercial skills driving continued company growth, while enhancing employee and customer satisfaction. Allan will be responsible for the overall operations of Sweeptech Environmental Services’ and will work with me, and our board, to enhance the award winning strategic vision and values of our company that are centred on operational excellence, innovation and ESG leadership.

Allan Key added: “As the economy recovers it is a critical time for customers and I am confident that, with our depth of customer insight, market expertise and continued investment in innovation, Sweeptech is very well placed to assist our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.’

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