Innovation and Technology

Innovation & technology

Sweeptech is committed to investing in new and better ways to support customers. Our unique innovations and the latest technologies help to reduce cost, improve heath and safety and optimise sustainability. 

For example, we have recently adopted a policy of using Halo “red line” awareness lights around all vehicles working night shifts. Read more examples below.

CO2 reduction with mobile sweeper tips

Our innovative mobile sweeper tips mean that road sweepers can tip 24 hours a day onsite which, in many operations, eliminates the need for two sweepers.

Road miles and CO2 are also massively reduced as the sweepers do not need to go back to a compliant facility to empty.

Significant road mile saving for interceptor cleaning

Thanks to our mobile onsite treatment technologies, our vehicles can complete as many as ten interceptor cleaning projects in one run before having to return to the depot.

This not only reduces road miles and CO2, it hugely reduces time and cost. The water is processed onsite and only filtered solid waste is taken away, unlike traditional methods where the vehicle must return to the depot after each interceptor clean.

Waste reduction for pond and lake cleaning

We significantly reduce the waste extracted when cleaning large lakes and ponds through technologies that macerate and process the sludge at the bottom of the lake. 

By separating the sludge and chemically treating it onsite, we only need to transport the final solid waste, hugely reducing road miles, transport time and cost compared to traditional methods.

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