Gully Cleaning & Maintenance

Gully cleaning and maintenance for highways, local authorities, and construction sites

We empty all types of gullies, removing all the silt jet wash outlet to keep free flowing and jet wash the grate removing debris and vegetation. 

Our aim is to keep each gully clean and keep the silt level down, to help prevent future drainage problems. 

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We’re more than just waste management. Sweeptech is committed to delivering environmental and sustainability improvements within the communities we work in; with health and safety at the core of everything we do.

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Sweeptech has the capacity to service all kinds of gullies from emptying one to hundreds. Using Sweeptech large advanced fleet of Vacuum tankers and Roadsweepers, our experienced operators, ensuring that the gullies are maintained to a high standard and the risk to flooding kept to a minimum.

With significant experience across the south of England, Sweeptech delivers a high quality gully cleaning service with exceptional response times.

Mobile waste collection units for infrastructure

To reduce costs even further on larger contracts, we also supply compliant on-site road sweeper and gully waste reception facilities. These are mobile, self-contained units which provide immediate solid and wastewater separation delivering particle-free grey water. This can then be compliantly discharged on site to foul (through discharge permit) delivering a disposal cost (of this fraction) of pence per m3.

In the right application, this massively reduces waste disposal costs, provides waste disposal compliance, and a revenue generation opportunity. The separated waste materials are then recycled offsite, but road miles are hugely reduced due to lower volumes of waste, helping to improve sustainability, reduce carbon footprint, and provide greater environmental protection.

For some, waste can then be separated and returned to site to support the circular economy. Aggregates are a great example of this.

From gully sucking to recycling

Unlike some suppliers, we empty all of each gully, not just the bare minimum.

Once all the waste collected and taken to Sweeptech Wet Waste Reception Centre to be Recycled and for some customers, we can return the recycled sand/stone to them.

This supports the “circular economy” particularly in infrastructure projects. All waste avoids landfill, and we provide a complete ESG report from our recycling facility.

Read more about our materials recycling.

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