Blocked Drain Cleaning & Jetting

No drain is too big or small. We will unblock foul and surface water drain lines from 50mm diameter and to any length

Equipped for any drain

Available 24/7, we are ready to unblock any domestic or commercial drainage system. We have small vans with specialist equipment and large combination tankers in our fleet.

CCTV camera surveys can also be provided to find the original cause of the blockage.

Complete solutions
tailored to your specific requirements

We’re more than just waste management. Sweeptech is committed to delivering environmental and sustainability improvements within the communities we work in; with health and safety at the core of everything we do.

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High pressure water jetting equipment

We are continuously investing in high pressure drain cleaning equipment, from large high-pressure water combination jetting tankers, down to small van packs. 

We can clean small drain lines, as well as large culverts of up to 3 metres diameter or more. No job is too big or too small. Each tanker carries an array of jetting bombs which can clean and remove, any silts, stone/rubble, soils, concrete, calcium build up, large debris, grease build up, and root infestation. 

High pressure water jetting equipment

All our staff are fully trained in all aspects of high pressure water jetting. We are very conscious of working in the environment and take every precaution not to damage or contaminate our working area, and to report any environmental findings. 

All tankers are provided with spill kits, reversing cameras, GPS tracking, reversing beacons, airport flashing beacons, and Halo safe working lights.  

Remote working for difficult access

Sweeptech tankers can work in the most remote areas, with the ability to use remote control equipment. 

We can work up to 200 – 300 metres away from vehicles, allowing us to work across fields or woodlands. 

Depending on the density of the waste, Sweeptech tankers can lift from 25 metres below ground level. 

Drain maintenance and CCTV drain survey

Sweeptech can provide a comprehensive maintenance program to help prevent blockages and to keep drainage systems working to their full potential.  By cleaning gullies/catchpit interceptors, pump stations on a regular maintenance programme will help to prevent further drainage problems and any environmental contamination or breaches.

We all have a responsibility to the environment we live in. Whether you operate a building site, factory, school, airport, hotel, or maintenance company or are a domestic household, regular maintenance will keep your asset working properly and ensure you are compliant with environmental legislation.

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