Sludge Removal and Silt Treatment

Health and safety is our top priority ensuring full compliance in all activities.

On Site Silt & Sludge Treatment

Sweeptech can treat all types of silt and sludge on site, thanks to our leading edge on-board chemical and mechanical processing capability on our dewatering tankers. This means we only take the solid waste away leaving the recycled water on site. This can process 300,000 litres of liquid waste of up to 5% solid content.

All inert waste is taken back to Sweeptech Wet Waste Recycling Reception centre.  We then recycle the sludge by using our onsite washing facility, in which we able to separate the sand, stone, organics, soil.  All contaminated sludge is tested then taken to a contaminated waste reception centre.

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We’re more than just waste management. Sweeptech is committed to delivering environmental and sustainability improvements within the communities we work in; with health and safety at the core of everything we do.

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On Site Silt Sludge Treatment

For larger quantities of silt/sludge Sweeptech offer a static treatment facility,  with a permit to discharge by local water authority this can process 100.000s of litres of sludge water per day.

This means for both mobile or static processing facilities the disposal of waste can be more than 50% saving, and with less traffic movements carbon footprint can reduced by more than 50%.

Case story

When a new hangar was being built at London Gatwick Airport the area had become thick with sludge and the developers couldn’t control it.  Sweeptech helped…

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