Grease Trap Cleaning, Installation and Maintenance Services

Our grease trap installation and cleaning services will help reduce build-ups and blockages in drainage systems commonly caused by fats, oil, and grease (FOG). 

Remove fat build up in kitchens and food processing

Grease and fat are present in all commercial kitchens and many food processing plants. Untreated volumes of FOG entering the main drainage system will eventually build up into a “fat berg” which is capable of causing major blockages. This will often have a detrimental impact on the business and environment.

With a grease trap or grease interceptor, fats and grease are filtered from the wastewater prior to entering the drainage system.

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How do Grease Traps work?

Filtered fats, oil, and grease are safely stored in the trap until cleaned out and disposed of appropriately.  This allows the rest of the wastewater to flow freely into the drain. 

Our Grease Traps will help hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping centres, catering businesses, and food processing plants to reduce the risk of blocked drains and business interruption.

Problem with fat bergs?

No blockage is too big or too small. View our confined space services.

Sweeptech provides a Grease Trap installation service to ensure businesses meet their regulatory obligations. We also provide a Grease Trap cleaning and FOG disposal service. 

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