Business Waste Collection, Haulage and Recycling

We provide a variety of bulk waste and recyclable material movement solutions

End to end compliance

As an established waste management business, we understand the challenges of moving waste. We operate our own fleet and hold all the necessary accreditations to ensure compliant waste carriage and disposal.

We do this on long term contracts or for last minute on-the-spot hire for a diverse client base that includes airports, authorities, construction, Highways England, Environment Agency, manufacturing, utility, and waste Companies.

Complete solutions
tailored to your specific requirements

We’re more than just waste management. Sweeptech is committed to delivering environmental and sustainability improvements within the communities we work in; with health and safety at the core of everything we do.

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Collect and deliver

We use our own fleet to provide full duty of care, and we recycle everything possible.

Dry waste is collected in walking floor and tipping bulkers including wood, glass, contaminated soil, plasterboard, RDF, dewatered road sweeping waste, bottom ash, and by-products from energy plants.

Skips are collected using hooklift vehicles for a diverse range of customers from PLCs, to the general public.

For wet waste, bulk haulage tankers are used to collect waste food stuffs, septic waste, brewery waste, leachate and landfill contaminated liquid waste, gully and roadsweeping waste, oils, glycol, and more.

Fleet of waste haulage vehicles

Our fleet is Euro 5 & 6 compliant and all movements are recorded by on board telematics.

Vehicles have on board weighing devices ensuring we deliver maximum carriage while remaining laden compliant and have easy sheeting technology that minimises loading down time.

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