Wastewater Interceptor Cleaning

Our innovative approach lowers the cost of interceptor cleaning and is more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. 

Onsite interceptor emptying and cleaning services

Our vehicles have onsite processing capabilities which allows us to remove all the solid waste in the interceptor and all suspended solids found in the water, with retuning clean grey water to the interceptor to which helps stop ground pressure to the tank. All  the solids stay on-board the tanker and taken to a contaminated waste reception centre.  Hence, your actual waste processing costs are massively reduced. 

Complete solutions
tailored to your specific requirements

We’re more than just waste management. Sweeptech is committed to delivering environmental and sustainability improvements within the communities we work in; with health and safety at the core of everything we do.

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Emergency response

We extract 100% of the waste within an interceptor and save you up to 50% of the cost you would normally pay for interceptor cleaning.

We also provide a 24/7 emergency response service for spillages or overflows. 

Cleaning and maintenance programme

Interceptors are underground chambers that collect surface water, grit, soil, and silt, along with any hydrocarbons to help minimise pollution and prevent flooding. We either process the waste on site or remove and taken to a contaminated Reception Centre.

With a scheduled interceptor cleaning and maintenance programme, Sweeptech, can ensure your interceptor assets are working at optimum performance, helping you to meet your environmental obligations. 

Multiple sites?

Not a problem.  The more interceptor we can clean in a working day saves you money and reduces your environmental carbon footprint. Further.

Service station forecourts are a good example of where our innovative approach is helping businesses save money.

Craig Duckett, Terminal Operations Coordinator
"Sweeptech Environmental Services have been Shell/GashCo's preferred company responsible for cleaning / maintaining our site's drains, interceptors, kerbs & fence-lines and any other ancillaries requested associated with Fuel Farm / Into-Plane Operations."
Shell UK

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