Hove Lagoon cleaner than ever thanks to Sweeptech

HOVE Lagoon in East Sussex reopened in 2018 “cleaner than ever” following significant cleaning works by Sweeptech in conjunction with Brighton and Hove City Council.

The lagoon had become dangerous in some areas and needed a deep clean which involved fully emptying the two pools.  Water was first left to naturally drain into the sea with the remaining water being filtered and overpumped into the sea.

With the water gone, two hundred and fifty tonnes of combined sludge and solid waste was then treated. Sweeptech employed a range of equipment including diggers, vacuum tankers, road sweepers and hook lift vehicles.

Sweeptech can treat all types of silt and sludge on site, thanks to our leading edge on-board chemical and mechanical processing capability on our dewatering tankers. This means we only take the solid waste away leaving the recycled water on site. This can process 300,000 litres of liquid waste of up to 5% solid content.

All inert waste was taken back to Sweeptech’s Wet Waste Recycling Reception centre.  We then recycled the sludge by using our onsite washing facility, in which we were able to separate the sand, stone, organics and soil. 

Sweeptech has a longstanding working partnership with Brighton & Hove Council and delivered the three-week deep clean on a not-for-profit basis. The project has made a real difference to the local community who enjoy sports on the lagoon such as sailing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, wakeboarding and more.

The Sweeptech team was delighted with the result along with the council and local residents and business owners including the team at Lagoon Watersports and the world famous ‘Fat Boy Slim’, owner of the Big Beach Café nearby.

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