Sweeptech Supports England’s Baton Twirling Star

In the world of baton twirling, talent and dedication make all the difference. Millie Clarke, England’s rising star in baton twirling, epitomises these qualities as she prepares to represent her country at the NBTA European Championships in The Netherlands this March. Sponsored by Sweeptech, Millie’s journey to the European stage is a testament to her relentless pursuit of her dreams and the unwavering support of her coaches, team and community.

Millie’s selection to represent England at the European Championships is a remarkable achievement, earned through her outstanding performances at the NBTA baton twirling Selections. She will be showcasing her skills across various categories including Solo, X-Strut, Duet, and Rhythmic Twirl, demonstrating her versatility and mastery of the art.

For Millie, this opportunity is the culmination of hard work and dedication. Training five times a week for the past five years, she has honed her craft tirelessly, pushing herself to new heights with each practice session. Joining forces with her team, Twirl-Versity, Millie found herself surrounded by a supportive community that propelled her towards success.

Among her impressive accolades, Millie holds the title of BBTSAs overall champion of 2023 and has been recognized as NBTA’s most promising under 14 athlete. Her achievements extend beyond national borders, with a gold medal in solo twirl at a competition in Spain among her many triumphs.

However, the path to the European Championships is not without its challenges. As a fully self-funded sport, the financial burden of participating in such prestigious events falls on the athletes and their supporters. To ensure Millie’s participation in the Championships, funds are needed to cover entry fees, flights, accommodation, and essential expenses during her time in The Netherlands.

As she prepares to embark on this incredible journey, the support of sponsors, donors, and well-wishers becomes paramount in turning her dreams into reality.

To contribute to Millie’s journey to the NBTA European Championships is to be a part of something truly special. Every contribution, no matter how small, brings Millie one step closer to her goal and ensures that England’s baton twirling star shines brightly on the European stage.

If you feel you’d like to and are in a position to make a contribution of your own, please check out Millie’s Go Fund Me page, here: https://gofund.me/fee25dea

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