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Gully cleaning

Gully Cleaning

Gully Cleaning & Maintenance Gully cleaning and maintenance for highways, local authorities, and construction sites We empty all types of gullies, removing all the silt

Sweeptech desilting a lake from a floating jetty

Desilting Ponds, Lakes & Watercourses

Desilting (Dredging) Ponds, Lakes and Watercourses Using innovative mobile de-watering equipment we clean silt and duckweed from ponds, lakes, rivers and ditches without the use

Confined Space Working

Confined Space Working When all other methods have been exhausted, our engineers are fully trained in confined space access.  Access to confined spaces We start

Sweeptech Grease Trap cleaning tanker

Grease Trap Installation & Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning, Installation and Maintenance Services Our grease trap installation and cleaning services will help reduce build-ups and blockages in drainage systems commonly caused

Airport wastewater treatment in action

Interceptor Cleaning

Wastewater Interceptor Cleaning Our innovative approach lowers the cost of interceptor cleaning and is more environmentally friendly than traditional methods.  Onsite interceptor emptying and cleaning

Silt Sludge Removal taking place at Brighton Beach

Silt & Sludge Removal / Treatment

Sludge Removal and Silt Treatment Health and safety is our top priority ensuring full compliance in all activities. On Site Silt & Sludge Treatment Sweeptech

Emergency flood response at airport

Emergency Flood Support

Emergency Flood Support and Clearance 24/7 emergency flood support across the South East of England including Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and London. Rapid response to clear

CCTV Drainage

CCTV Drain Surveys & Inspections The latest CCTV technology for a clear picture of your drainage networks Latest CCTV technology Sweeptech can survey all underground

Asset Surveying

Asset Surveying Our asset surveying capability is not limited to drainage or underground but that is primary. We also do this for Highways England projects

Foul Waste Management

Cesspit and Septic Tank Emptying and Maintenance We provide foul waste disposal, and treatment plant installation, for a wide range of customers. Licenced waste carrier

Blocked Drain Cleaning

Blocked Drain Cleaning & Jetting No drain is too big or small. We will unblock foul and surface water drain lines from 50mm diameter and

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